Tips and FAQs

Adam Expert Care is serving Chicago, and it’s nearby cities by providing refrigerator repair services. Whenever you find any fault in your refrigerator, we are at the distance of a call. We provide services at your doorstep. We believe in quality. Hence, try to provide the best services to the customers. Not only this, if any fault persists after the repair, we won’t charge the labour cost. For servicing and maintenance, you can schedule an appointment over the phone.

We can provide you with some tips using which you can diagnose your appliance. Here are the tips:

  • If the fridge is leaking, check the faulty water inlet valve to the worn out door seal.
  • If the fridge is making noise, check out form the evaporator fan motor to the condenser fan motor.
  • Check the ice maker if it is making ice properly or not. If not, check the water inlet and water fill tubes.
  • Check if your appliance is getting too much hot after running for an hour or two.
  • If the light doesn’t turn on even after opening the door.
  • If the door gaskets are damaged or loose.
  • If the fridge is not working, check the compressor
1What types and brands of the refrigerator does Adams Expert Care repairs?
Adams Expert Care repairs all types and size of refrigerators. We provide repair services for almost all the major brands like LG, Samsung, Viking, Whirlpool, GE etc.
2What cities does Adams Expert Care serve?
We provide service customers in Chicago and the nearby cities.
3Is it necessary to clean the refrigerator condenser?
Yes! The condenser relies on airflow to work properly, and any obstruction can cause the unit to fail. If it is not cleaned properly, mechanical components in the unit may fail prematurely.
4Does the refrigerator need maintenance on an annual basis?
Yes, follow the maintenance tips provided by the maker in manual. We have a list of general maintenance instructions to keep your refrigerator running efficiently.
5How much time does repair take?
The repair time ultimately depends on the type of fault. Generally, we try to fix the issue in less than 40 minutes.
6What if the fault occurs again after a few days?
We provide 90 days warranty on the parts and labour. You don’t have to pay again if the fault occurs again.
7Is there any discount for the senior customers?
Yes! For senior customers, we provide a card. You can avail a 10% discount on the parts and labour.
8What causes the Deep-freezing? Is it safe to eat the freezer burned food?
Deep-freezing is a common problem occurred due to food packaging. Foodstuffs are dehydrated when comes in contact with the air in the freezer. The standard packaging for many foods is not intended to prevent dehydration. If you want to keep food in your freezer for more than a couple of days, you should put it in airtight containers or zippered plastic bags specially made with food preservation and deep-freezing equipment. It's perfectly safe to eat the freezer burned food. However, most people find that the dehydration process destroys the taste and texture of the food. The dehydrated meat becomes tasteless after cooking.